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"Twombly" Coco Berkman Dogs on Sofas
Oil based ink on Arches 88
16" X 16"

"Twombly" is a hand pulled black and white linoleum print depicting a dog laying on a sofa that is beneath what looks like a Cy Twombly painting. It is one of 14 linoleum prints I created for a solo show; "Dogs on Sofas"
I decided to create a theme for myself in order to have an excuse to draw and carve and then print some images that brought me great joy! I was a seamstress for 25 years and made many a slipcover for many a sofa in many different spaces. 3 years ago I adopted a dog for the first time in my [long] life and the melding of dogs and sofas and linoleum printmaking resulted in this series of prints. Hope you enjoy!
"Twombly" is a 10" X 11.5" image printed with crayon black oil based ink onto an 16" X 16" sheet of Arches 88 paper.
It is signed by me and will ship flat.
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