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Mothers on the Bridge reductive linoleum print by Coco Berkman
Mothers on the Bridge
Reductive Linoleum Print
Image: 17" X 21" Paper: 20" X 28"

"Mothers on the Bridge" is a 9 color reductive linoleum print. The inspiration for this image was a poem by Gloucester Poet Laureate, Rufus Collinson...
The image is 17" X 21" printed onto a beautiful sheet of Magnani Pescia paper 20" X 28".

Dancing Mothers in the Sky
by Rufus Collinson

The morning after my mother died,
driving toward the summit of the A. Piatt Andrew,
the bridge I have crossed all my life,
the very spot where I have had
at least a hundred epiphanies since I learned to drive,
I had a vision, sudden and complete,
of the Dancing Mothers.

Mama and Georgia, my former Mother-in-law and best friend,
dancing the jitterbug together, somewhere way up there,
heads thrown back, laughing hard,
each with one arm lifted high.

And now, every morning, regular as the river
I see them.
I lift one arm in greeting and smile at the dance.

And now, every evening, on the return climb and glide toward home,
I feel them watching.
I lift my eyes and say, “Help me, Mamas,”
and follow the road above the river,
feeling the incomparable comfort of Mother
the whole way home.