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Deer and Wolf linoleum print by Coco Berkman
Deer and Wolf
Linoleum Print
Image: 18" X 18" Paper: 30" X 22"

Deer and Wolf is a beautiful hand pulled linocut printed onto a sheet of Magnani Pescia paper with oil based crayon black printing ink. The drawing for this image was inspired by a trip I took last winter to Martha's Vineyard. Dead of winter. Not many people but so many Red Tailed Deer. They had the run of the place and they were enormous. Running in herds, leaping effortlessly over deer- proof fences that residents had installed thinking they would keep the deer out and away from their plants. Ha! One day I read in the local paper rumors of a wolf on the island and in the "comments" section someone wrote, "Preposterous!".
The image is 18" X 18" printed on a sheet 30" X 22".