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The Kings Contemplate the Cosmos linocut by Coco Berkman
The Kings Contemplate the Cosmos
Linoleum Print
Image: 17" X 20" Paper: 22" X 22"

"The Kings Contemplate the Cosmos" is a stark black and white linocut 17" X 20" printed with crayon black oil based ink onto a sheet of Magnani Pescia paper, 22" X 26".
I needed to break through a ton of resistance and self doubt to complete this image, which began as a stream of consciousness sketch I really did not like, but while chatting on the phone and doodling into it, became something more and I grew to like it. I was hesitant to turn it into a linocut, as I felt perplexed about the context. When I decided to go forward with it, it was a half hearted endeavor. I transfered the drawing onto a very old scrap of battleship gray linoleum and I felt reluctance every step of the process until I finally printed the thing and Lo..I loved it!
A long blurb I know, but I feel I must share my process regarding the creation of this piece because all in all it was a most valuable Art Lesson for me ...a reminder to me about following threads and keeping doubts at bay until the end.