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"Family in Landscape" Linocut by Coco Berkman
Family in Landscape
Linoleum Print
Plate: 9" X 11" Paper 14" X 14"

Family in Landscape is an elegant black and white linoleum print depicting a family in a landscape. They seem a fairly happy lot, especially with the addition of a cute puppy with his paw on the man's shoulder.
I met this family when they arrived onto my sketchpad, and of course I hope someone will see the print and exclaim "Hey, aren't they the spitting image of the Kuwalskis?!"
Family in Landscape is an original hand pulled linoleum print. The image is 9" X 11" printed with crayon black oil based ink onto a 14" X 14" sheet of Revere Silk heavy weight cotton rag printmaking paper.